What is a Healthcare Advocate?

The ace on your team. Professional healthcare advocates work directly for the patient, looking out for your interests as you face the complexities of the current healthcare system. An independent advocate solely represents and works on behalf of you, the client, never the doctor or insurance company.
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Advocates take their commitment to you seriously. The National Association of Healthcare Advocacy sets forth a code of ethics that its member must follow. Advocates do not judge, do not offer medical or legal advice, and do not try to influence the medical outcome of a case.

Our job is to help you determine the healthcare experience you want, provide you with the most relevant and reliable information available, and be your voice when you choose.

“Extremely knowledgeable about the health insurance industry, Jan combines common sense with heart-felt empathy. She knows how complex the world of healthcare can be but, unlike most, knows how to navigate it. I would recommend her services to a friend or loved one in a heartbeat.”

Sarah Farley

Communications and Strategic Consultant