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Please take a look at the following resources to help you become better
acquainted with healthcare terminology, patient advocacy and other useful
health-related information.

A Place for Mom
Article showcasing the three main value propositions of a healthcare advocate: save time, money and stress. Topics such as medical debt, health insurance oversights and how the stress of it all can only aggravate your health condition are covered.
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Care Excellent Institute
Review on the role of patient advocates, in saving  patients thousands of dollars and maybe even lives. They act as a bridge, closing the gap between the system and the patient, family, or caregiver. Perhaps most importantly, they can be a constant source of support at a time when it is needed most.
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Healthcare Glossary
A helpful set of common terms and definitions.
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Healthcare .gov
Information on the healthcare Exchange (Obamacare).
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Patient Rights
An infographic regarding your rights
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