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Insurance Management

Insurance is perhaps the most daunting part of healthcare. How do you choose the best insurance plan for your needs? How do you best take advantage of your plan’s benefits? When you receive a bill from a provider, how do you know the charges are accurate? I can answer your questions, explain in plain language statements from insurers and providers, and communicate with them on your behalf.
  • Identify a plan that is right for you.
  • Guide you in maximizing your plan’s benefits.
  • Review statements and resolve billing disputes.
  • Explain pre-certifications, authorizations, flexible spending and healthcare savings accounts (FSA/HSA), and more.
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Real Stories

Both Lin and David’s employers offered very different insurance plan options – and it was October, the month to decide. Lin’s plan offered a traditional PPO, relatively high monthly premiums with low co-pays for all medical services. David’s offered an HDHP (high deductible health plan), very low premiums and high co-pays and deductibles. They were unsure and confused – which would be a better choice? Both Lin and David were in their 40’s and in excellent health, adhering to their annual check-ups and exercising regularly. Since the HDHP option included a Health Savings Account (they would save money for future medical expenses and take advantage of the free routine exams), we decided that was the best choice. Their plan reflects their lifestyle, goals and future financial planning, all in one.
“I found Jan’s warm yet no-nonsense approach a refreshing experience. With her vast knowledge and skills, we formed a trusting partnership of candor and mutual respect. Our mission of serving the community through affordable and high quality healthcare was realized.”

Laudan Khademol-Reza

Director – Data Analytics

Seton Health Alliance | Austin Texas