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Senior Planning

Often times my work centers around seniors and their unique needs. Together, we’ll make sure you maintain the best quality of life, and strive for care that keeps you in control as much as possible.

I can:

    • Adapt your home and lifestyle as your health needs change.
    • Identify resources for emotional and social well-being.
    • Locate senior housing options.
    • Choose Advanced Care Planning.
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More complex matters

You might be faced with difficult decisions regarding what to do if a complicated or serious diagnosis has been given. Helping you choose a doctor, specialist, facility, or treatment plan is the cornerstone of a healthcare advocate’s work. Making the best decision often requires a lot of time and research. That’s where I come in.

I can:

    • Find the right doctor for your situation or diagnosis and identify a Center of Excellence for treatment, special cases or rare conditions.
    • Help you determine the goal of an appointment with a physician, prepare questions to ask, assess test results and the physician’s evaluation.
    • Accompany you to appointments.
    • Help plan for care needs at home or in non-hospital facilities.
    • Engage with hospice as needed.
    • Check in to make sure you are cared for.
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“When I was young, I thought everyone knew about the tunnels connecting the hospitals in the Houston Medical Center. When certain family members became ill, this knowledge came in handy. My role as a patient advocate allows me to use what I’ve learned to benefit others. I have a deep empathy for anyone impacted by serious illness – I’ve lived through it with loved ones. I’m intimately familiar with the stress that comes with an uncertain future, including work, children, finances, distance. I can help. My role is to manage the business side of your life while you attend to what matters most – your health and the people you care about.”

Jan Stone

Real Stories

When Tom and Carol decided to transition to an assisted living community, they were at a loss as to how to select the right place. Factors such as location, size, on-site amenities, proximity to a major hospital, industry ratings and, of course, financials, were all part of their consideration. Together, we culled the top three choices that met their criteria – a vital consideration was location, as they did not want to alter their whole existence and be far from the neighborhoods they knew. Also, their adult children are not in the area, so that freed up options as their family would travel to see them regardless. After researching the nearby facilities, conducting on-site interviews, meeting with administrators and, honestly, just getting a feel for the places, we were able to successfully choose their current community that fits their lifestyle perfectly.