Welcome to your trusted partner, seasoned expert and caring hand throughout the complex process of health-related decisions. Run by professional patient advocate Jan Stone, Stoneworks is your foundation for confidently navigating the healthcare maze - and getting your needs managed and solved with peace of mind.

We listen to you, create a plan and help guide the detailed process of choosing the best direction.

Life’s big decisions can be challenging. They almost always involve practical and emotional elements. Buying a home, planning a wedding, preparing for retirement, and so much more.
Now, what about you and your health?

Researching, reviewing, selecting, financing and managing healthcare choices are charged with aspects of concern, confusion, stress and even
relief. What doctor, patient care facility, treatment, assisted living, home care and other decisions are right for you?  This is why you need a healthcare advocate.


Healthcare Navigation

One of the most basic and essential tools is to provide customized support for you or someone close to you, from standard to complex needs.

Senior Planning

The special attention to seniors is vital and can revolve around day-to-day living, complicated or serious diagnosis and/or long term care.

Insurance Management

A daunting part of healthcare – insurance. How do you choose the best insurance plan? How do you maximize your plan’s benefits?
“I’ve had the pleasure and honor of working with Jan. She has a thorough understanding of how to get through the tough stuff. Coupling this with her passion and drive adds up to creating solutions and solving problems. She’s someone you can trust with your well-being.”

Dr. Stephen Bekanich

Chief Medical Officer | Iris Plans

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