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One of the most essential tools I offer is to provide general support as it relates to your healthcare, or someone close to you. This can be anything ranging from finding home medical equipment, to selecting the right long term care facility to putting an illness- treatment plan together, and everything in between.

Often times, though, I’m involved when more complex or serious health challenges are present. You might be faced with difficult decisions regarding where to go, what to do and what happens next. As your advocate, I can:

  • Provide deep research in treatment plans, special care, hospice and more.
  • Help you identify the best physicians and centers of excellence in relevant specialties – and put a plan in place.
  • Find support groups, online and offline resources, counseling services, alternative holistic treatments, and care giver support.
  • Check in to make sure everything is progressing and you/your loved one are cared for.
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Together, we’ll design a customized plan that takes into account lifestyle, family dynamics, professional care, finances and more. Just as everyone’s case is unique, your plan will be tailored for your specific needs.

Real Stories

Julia was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and began the search for her best care. She made an appointment with a local oncologist based on her internist’s recommendation, but wasn’t comfortable with the doctor’s communication style or treatment plan. It felt, well, too clinical and not immediate enough to meet the demands this particular diagnosis presented. Together, we sourced two additional oncologists to consult with based on their experience, reputations and affiliated facilities. In the end, we were able to select the right doctor and protocols for her unique treatment plan, and Julia received care from a doctor she trusted – which went a long way to her mindset and strength.